How We Differ

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide social media and the resources needed for your business or brand to succeed. We want to insure that every business or brand has every opportunity to succeed and grow.

The Relationship

We become an extension of your business. As an extension of your company, we will partner to build social media capabilities into your organization that will benefit all departments within your organization.

We typically get hired because the big agencies don’t understand the details of small businesses and do not want to commit the resources because of the small size of the account. At 360° Industry Solutions, you are not a client or an account number, you are a friend, you are a business partner, and you are family.

What We Do

We analyzeyour business, talk to the stake holders and all of your employees to understand your key goals. Whether it is improving customer service, gaining product feedback, or to expanding brand and business awareness, we can build a strategy that is right for you to achieve your goals and objectives.

We listen to you and your customers. To develop and create social media pages is easy. Extracting value from them that is beneficial and vital to your business is what separates us from the other companies. Without clear business objectives and business goals, your plan is sure to fail even before it starts.

We ignite the conversations that lead to the deep and enduring relationships between an organization and their customers. We investigate what your customers want to read and gain knowledge to, while providing you with a return on your investment.

We engage in successful conversation. It comes down to one thing, consistency. This means that we regularly respond to user issues, steadily incorporating consumer feedback, and increasingly empowering customers to do positive things for themselves, their community and the company. 360° Industry Solutions knows firsthand how to drive sustainable customer engagement no matter how big or how small your company is.

We have successfully done it for numerous industries such as healthcare, interior design, food and beverage, hotel and photography studios. However, we specialize in marine, powersports and RV dealers, suppliers and manufacturers.

We measure to ensure that you are getting a positive return on your investment. “But how do we know that it’s working?” The reality of any business requires the ability to show return on investment. Even though the data points may be different, the objective for quantifying customer engagement is the same: align operational metrics to your strategic business objectives.

360° Industry Solutions understands how to deal with the ROI “skeptics,” incorporating the right quantitative and qualitative measures to analyze success and deliver actionable metrics for improving customer engagement and your social media experience.

Success……With an established and demonstrated set of social business services designed to listen to and engage your customers, colleagues and employees, we help brands and businesses of all sizes determine and accomplish their organization's objectives.