Services We Offer

“Are you willing to participate in the modern era of customer experience and the new way to communicate with your customers?”

What 360° Industry Solutions can do for you:

360° Industry Solutions can:



Implementation and Support

Speaking and Workshops
360° Industry Solutions is available to speak at industry and or brand events, as well as to conduct developmental training sessions that are intended to motivate and guide social business transformation.

The Bottom Line
We can:
Set up social media (web 2.0) platforms for your business or brand, monitor the sites, stimulate conversation and report back to you.
We understand that social media is new to a lot of businesses. We also understand that utilizing social media effectively is time consuming and a full time job. Allow us to take that burden from you, develop a strategy that meets your needs and budget, and to implement the needed platforms and monitor them for you on a monthly basis.

360° Industry Solutions makes social media fun and help grow your business and produce a positive return on your investment. We learn your business from actually spending time at your facility and from talking to you and your staff. We have been in your shoes and know what needs to be done for your business to succeed. 360° Industry Solutions is not a marketing company or a computer company; we are an extension of your company.

Social Media is unavoidable and if you are not part of it, you are losing customers and revenue daily. You can either control it or let it engulf you. Grab on to it and make it benefit your company. Let 360° Industry Solutions help your business or brand become a leader.